CloneApp 1.14.700 Portable


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 CloneApp 1.14.700 Portable
CloneApp 1.14.700 Portable | 2 Mb
CloneApp is a backup tool that is designed to back up a variety of program configuration files as well as application settings that stored in the registry. This includes many popular third party programs as well as various Windows options like Account Pictures, Favorites, Saved Games and more.

CloneApp currently supports several dozen popular software products (commercial and free) and support for additional applications will be added in future releases.
In addition to the pre-configured applications, you can also add your own backup configuration by creating custom settings to back up specified registry keys, files and folders.

Whats New:
Changelog v1.14.700
- Several internal code Optimizations
- Added support for Bandizp, PeaZip, Vivaldi
- Updated support for WinRAR

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