Folder Size Analyzer 1.0.2

Folder Size Analyzer 1.0.2

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Monitor the available and occupied storage space on your computer and see a list of the biggest files and data that take up disk space.

Analyze drives, special folders or custom directories
The application displays a list of all the connected drives within its main window, along with the amount of free and occupied storage space. Moreover, there is also a tab dedicated to all the special folders in Windows, which you can analyze separately. Last but not least, Folder Size Analyzer can put a directory of your choice under its magnifying glass to determine the size of all the files and see which takes the most storage space.

Depending on your choice, be it an entire drive, a special folder or a custom location, it takes more or less time for Folder Size Analyzer to complete the analysis. Its progress is shown, and you can cancel the process with the click of a button.

Shows the largest files and folders in the chosen location
The results of the analysis display all the subfolders sorted by their size. As such, the directories that take up most of the storage space, meaning the larger ones, are shown at the top, while the lightweight ones are placed at the bottom of the list. For each folder you can see its size, the number of containing files and folders.

The “Summary” tab shows you all the files, placing again the ones with the biggest size at the top. To make it easier for you to organize all the data, Folder Size Analyzer reveals all the files in distinct categories as well. Any file can be easily opened in Windows Explorer.

Find large files on your computer to free up storage space
Folder Size Analyzer provides a quick and easy method to find the biggest files on your computer, those who take up most of the storage space, allowing you to create a backup for them and free up space. With a quick but thorough cleanup done, your PC will run smoother and be more responsive.

Whats New
show number of scanned items in the progress window.
- Small bug fixes and performance improvements


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