ImBatch 4.9.0

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 ImBatch 4.9.0

ImBatch 4.9.0 | 14.4 Mb

ImBatch is a free batch image processing tool for Windows. ImBatch features an excellent user interface that’s easy to use and understand and can convert, resize, rotate and carry out other operations on lots of images in a single operation.

Batch Tasks List
What makes this tool different from other batch image processors is its “Task Structure”. You can combine Tasks to make a processing sequence that will give you exactly what you want. ImBatch offers many imaging functions (Tasks) like converting, resizing or applying watermark. You can change the order of tasks, add some tasks twice or more (for example, to convert images to JPEG and PNG in one go), turn off/on tasks to exclude/include them from the task processing list, hide some task parameters, leaving only the necessary ones. Also you can undo/redo all changes made in Task List.

Whats New
ImBatch v4.9.0

Added Stroke task.
Added option to turn on/off beep sound in the end of processing.
ImageMonitor: added totally silent mode.
Added replacing transparency with white color while saving into the format, that doesn't support transparency.
'Resize Canvas' task: added the option to fill new space with blurred image.
'Convert Colors' task: added ability to replace alpha channel with the specified color.
'Save As' task: fixed changing 'Common Folder' option after loading task list.
'Resize' task: fixed working 'Resize Type' option in Preview panel.
Improved algorithm of the Deskew Text task.
Fixed saving into DDS format with transparency.
Fixed detection of the portable version by the path to the program.
Fixed opening 'Save As' task.
Fixed image size updating in Preview panel.

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