Moo0 Disk Wiper 1.12

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Moo0 Disk Wiper 1.12

File Size : 3.2 Mb

Moo0 Disk Wiper lets you easily erase all the recoverable data from the empty space of your disk drive, leaving the existing files untouched.

Have you ever sold/disposed your PC, HDD or USB sticks? Are you really sure nobody's recovered your personal data, such as ID, password, personal photos, credit card number and so on, from them, then? Now, you can be relieved from the fear by using this easy program.

You may also want to use this tool before leaving your desk for some days.

- It will take time. So, please, be prepared.
- First, please make sure all the files you don't want to get recovered are deleted or inside recycle bin. This program will not erase any "existing" files.
- If you want to use this on the system drive, we strongly recommend you to close all other applications first. It is because this tool will fill up the entire free space on the disk once with pseudo-random data during its process.
- If you are using Windows 10, we recommend you to close all the File Explorer Windows during the erase. Keeping them open will hugely slow down the erase procedure.
- Also, if you want to delete individual "existing" files in unrecoverable way, our "Moo0 FileShredder" will be of your interest.

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