Reboot Restore Rx 2.1 Build 201608121232

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 Reboot Restore Rx 2.1 Build 201608121232
Reboot Restore Rx 2.1 Build 201608121232 | 10 Mb
Reboot Restore Rx™ prevents any and all changes made on your drive(s) making those PC’s bulletproof and unbreakable. It is designed for small public access computing environments such as classrooms, libraries, kiosks, and internet cafes. Even when users download files, viruses, malware, or even try to delete registry keys, Reboot Restore will restore the PC’s back to your desired state set from a schedule that you have control of.


Restore on Reboot
Reset to Baseline on PC Start Up or Hard Reset
One-Click Instant Updates
VMWare Support
Protects the MBR
Works below Windows
Mini OS Access
Restore from unbootable Windows

Whats New:
Reboot Restore Rx v2.1 Build #: 201608121232

Add Asynchronous mode to the device drivers to allow faster boot-up and better performance on multiple hard disks based systems.
Fix BSOD caused by Windows WRE (Windows Recovery Environment).
Support M.2 SATA.

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