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 Registry Finder 2.21
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Starting with version 2.0 Registry Finder is not just a finder. It is a simple registry editor. It has basic facilities of the system RegEdit that is enough in most simple use-cases. Registry Finder allows you to browse the local registry; create, delete, rename keys and values; modify values as its natural data type (string, multistring, DWORD) or as a binary data. It is allowed to open multiple Registry windows. Next time you start Registry Finder, those windows will be reopened on the same keys as before.

The Find operation is efficient and quick. All found items are displayed in a separate window as a list. Each line represents a single match with the search criteria. The icon shows where the match occurred: key name, value name or value data. Matched text is highlighted with red.
You can jump to any found item in the Registry window or edit/delete items right in the Find Results window.
Items in the Find Results window can be saved to file in comma separated values (CSV) or reg file format.

With the Replace feature you can easily replace all or particular occurrences of one string with another. The replacement is performed only in items that are in the Find Results window. In the Replace dialog you specify either all items or just selected ones. After replacement is done, items in the window are updated. If some item do not match the search criteria any more it still remains in the list.

All operations that alter the registry including deletion and replacement can be undone and redone. The operations are listed in the History window. To open it, click View|History in the main menu. The last performed operation is marked with a yellow arrow.

Current key path can be copied to clipboard.

System requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Whats New:
The search progress indicator shows a real search progress. Suggested by bxstover at
The search can be canceled from the keyboard (Esc). Suggested by PeterK
Fixed text truncation in the progress bar on large UI fonts. Reported by PeterK
Fixed wrong display of milliseconds of the search duration. Reported by PeterK
The Export command issued from the Find Results window exports keys with all of its subkeys. Suggested by bxstover at
The --newTab command line parameter did not work. Reported by joebotched at
Fixed creation/loading of the the language ini/dll on Windows XP x64. Reported by Harald Welkovics
Fixed missing caption and close button of the History window on Windows XP. Reported by Harald Welkovics
Fixed progress bars for the Export and Import commands are not showing any progress. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed empty display name of the default value in the edit dialog. Reported Michael Miloslavsky
When saving multi-string value, there was no warning if the value contained leading empty string. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed: When navigating to a value by the Go To command the item stays out of view. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed: The Select All and Invert Selection commands are disabled when the focus is on the registry tree. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed incorrect enabled/disabled state of some commands in the main menu. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed: the Replace command displays wrong number of replacements. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
Fixed: the "Match whole string" option did not work. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky
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