Remote Process Explorer 4.5 build 224 + portable


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 Remote Process Explorer 4.5 build 224 + portable
Remote Process Explorer 4.5 build 224 + portable | 11.8 Mb
Remote Process Explorer is a powerful tool for managing, monitoring and analyzing processes on a local or remote computer.With Remote Process Explorer, you will be able to not only get the list of processes but also manage them. You can kill a process, run a new one or change the priority of a process on a local or remote computer. To do it, you do not have to install additional software on a remote computer because the program uses the built-in functions of the operating system. Remote Process Explorer will show you complete information about each running process, when and by whom this process was run, the path to its executable file, how much memory and CPU it uses. You can get all information available in Task Manager not only for your computer, but also for a remote one.

Remote Process Explorer has tools for managing a remote computer built into it. You can switch off a remote computer, restart it. You can also use the standard tools for administering a computer: Remote desktop, Computer management, Event viewer, etc.

Key Features

Monitoring all running processes on a local and remote computer.
Showing the parameters of running processes (Process ID, Parent PID, CPU, Memory Usage, Priority, Handles, Threads and much more).
Showing all parameters in real time.
Displaying the process tree.
Killing the selected process at any moment.
Changing the priority of a process on a remote computer.
Running new processes on a remote computer.
Searching the Internet for information about the selected process.
Add Computers Wizard.
Groups in the computer list.
Showing the state of a computer in the list (on/off).
Automatically refreshing the list of computers.
Two methods for determining the state of a computer.
Using different accounts for each computer.
Switching off and restarting a remote computer.
Additional administrative tools

Editor's Note: Free for non-commercial use with simple registration.

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