SafeCopy Free v2.5 portable


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SafeCopy Free v2.5 portable
SafeCopy Free v2.5 portable | 3.3 Mb
SafeCopy Free is an easy-to-utilize file management tool that enables you to copy files/folders from a designated location to another and more. You are given the options of preserving or modifying file attributes and date-time stamps to suit your specific needs. The process is quite simple in part due to the user-friendly interface that allows for drag n drop submission into the target source or the selections can be made manually by using the conveniently placed browse function.

SafeCopy Free! will prove itself as an ideal alternative to Windows Explorer as it allows you to preserve date-time stamps for files and directories, some versions of Explorer do not allow this making it a little more versatile in certain instances.
Whats New:
+ command line mode
+ minor interface improvements
+ improved error reporting
! /File exists/ error on existing files when Skip option is set

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