Virtual WiFi 2.9.3 Final + portable


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 Virtual WiFi 2.9.3 Final + portable
Virtual WiFi 2.9.3 Final + portable | 4.2 Mb
Virtual WiFi enables facilities to create Wi-Fi networks using only the computers Wireless adapter, thus eliminating the need to use a physical router. The resulting network can be either local (Ad-hoc), intended to ensure a connection between multiple computers (eg to transfer data from one computer to another) or a network that share an internet connection with all connected devices.

Fast, simple and easy to use
WiFi ad-hoc network creator for Win 8, 8.1
Connected clients list
LAN and modem Internet sharing
Hotspots accessible for computers, smartphones and tablets
Detects best internet connection
Self assigning IP address for WiFi hotspot

Whats New:

- Some interface aspects improved
- Restart hotspot if problem occurs at hotspot creation

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