VSO Media Player Final

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 VSO Media Player Final

VSO Media Player Final | 20.7 Mb

Very nice and simple media player. For all that he is capable of, so it only play music and video files to most popular formats. There is nothing superfluous, there is only a minimum number of settings. There is a main window, where you can download a list of files to be played, it is possible to change the volume and the ability to change skin player. But it is absolutely free and stable. In practice, does not use system resources. In short, all brilliant - easy!

Free Video Player
One player to read all your audio and video files
100% free
No adware and spyware, or toolbars

Easy to use
Drag and drop support
File navigation panel to jump from title to title
Create playlists
add files and save as a playlist to use again later
Remembers your last playback position

No external codecs needed
No additional codecs needed
reads all video files without additional downloads
All-in-one package
Free flv player

Mp3 Player
Supports various audio file formats: mp3, wma, FLAC, and more

Blu-ray & DVD compatible
Specially designed to be compatible with blu-ray files and folders
If reading a blu-ray disk from your optical drive a decryptor maybe needed such as AnyDVD
Supports multi-angle + multi-version
Reads DVD and AVCHD .ISO files
Excellent HD Player and Free bluray player

Advanced settings
Edit the settings of Text subtitles: font, color, size, etc.
Control image: brightness, contrast, etc.
Use GDI or Direct3D
Switch from GDI or Direct3D settings to see which works best on your computer giving you the best quality, or using less resources
Cuda support
video card acceleration with support for nVidia video cards
Multicore support
Increased stability for smooth playback
Audio booster included

Available in other languages

Whats New
VSO Media Player - Released June 13th 2016
- 0011599: [Bug] Application will start minimized if closed while minimised (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011597: [Bug] Auto incident report produces crash (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011598: [Feature Request] Remove fonts from translation (felicia) - resolved.


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