SysRestore Pro

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SysRestore Pro

SysRestore Pro | 3.49 MB
SysRestore Pro - Save your IT cost! Return system and disk to any healthy status with Snapshots. Create 1000 snapshots - different status of your PC/Server for backup. Restore your crashed system and deleted files from disk in just a few seconds

Features Overview

Restore your Windows system
SysRestore can restore your crashed operating system when it fails to start, has boot error, encounters blue screen, attacked by virus... Restore your system and make your PC work in just a few seconds.

Restore deleted files
If you add your disk into snapshot, deleted files due to various reasons can be restored. SysRestore can even let your preview the lost files before restoring snapshot.

Say No to Virus
With SysRestore Pro, you are free from potential threats like virus, spywere, etc. since SysRestore Pro would restore your old good system in just a few seconds after damage

Multiple Snapshot Schedul
There are options for you to choose when to take snapshot like once restart PC or PC start or every 2 seconds

More Features
- It works with all levels of hardware RAID

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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