IP Communications and Services for NGN

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IP Communications and Services for NGN

English | 2010 | ISBN: 1420070908 | ISBN-13: 9781420070903 | 411 pages | PDF | 6,1 MB

Rapid deployment and acceptance of broadband networks, including the 802.11 a/b/g, 3G cellular networks, WiMAX, and emerging 4G cellular IP networks, have sparked a growing reliance on voice over IP and the quickly emerging IP TV and Mobile TV.

Providing the necessary background and technical understanding to stay abreast of and even ahead of the IP trend, IP Communications and Services for NGN explores IP development for the delivery of next generation mobile services.

Packed with detailed illustrations, this cutting-edge reference examines the primary IP protocols (IPv4 and IPv6), real-time protocols, and three major IP services (VoIP, IPTV, and Mobile TV). It clearly explains the different architectures of fixed, mobile, and wireless networks along with the major advantages and disadvantages of each. It includes coverage of the latest in:

• The VoIP Market
• SCTP and Vertical Handoff
• RSVP: Resource Reservation Protocol
• MPLS: MultiProtocol Label Switching
• SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
• IMS: IP Multimedia Subsystem
• RTSP: Real-Time Streaming Protocol
• RTP: Real-Time Transport Protocol
• IPTV System Architectures and IPTV System Descriptions
With a detailed listing of commonly used acronyms, along with a clear description of the role IP is likely to play in the development of next generation mobile services, this book provides educators, industry practitioners, regulators, and subscribers with the ideal starting point for developing the understanding required to deploy, train, and use IP services effectively and efficiently.

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