United States Naval Aviation 1911 - 2014 (Images of War)

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United States Naval Aviation 1911 - 2014 (Images of War)

English | October 3, 2015 | ISBN: 9781473822252 | 184 pages | AZW3 | 22 Mb

From humble beginnings in 1911 with float planes, by the 1930s, the US Navy possessed dirigibles and were introducing fighter planes. By the start of WW2, monoplane fighters were replacing biplanes and a major aircraft carrier build was underway. Fighters such as the Grumman FLF Hellcat and Vought F4U Corsair were joined by carrier attack aircraft such as the Dauntless, Devastator and Helldriver. As well as carrier-borne aircraft, others operated from shore bases using both wheels and floats. Post WW2, jet aircraft took over from prop driven, and famous early examples were the Shooting Star and McDonnell Phantom, which saw action in Korea. By Vietnam the F4 Phantom II, Skyhawk and Intruder were in service. As well as these fighter attack aircraft were the Lockheed Viking, anti-sub and nuclear capable Douglas Skywarrior. Post Vietnam the F14 Tomcat and Hornet came into service along with the Prowler (Electronic warfare) and Hawkeye (early warning). These aircraft were complemented by a range of helicopters from the massive Super Stallion, through Sea Kings, Seasprites and Seahawks. Today the Super Hornets predominates along with an impressive multi-capable range of aircraft and helicopters. All these and more are described in expert detail and illustrated in this fine book. Future projects are also covered.

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