Design For Ergonomics (True EPUB)

Design For Ergonomics (True EPUB)

English | EPUB | 2020 | 379 Pages | ISBN : 3030335615 | 107.49 MB

This book focuses on the global quality of the design of systems that people interact with during their work activities and daily lives; a quality that involves the globality of people’s experience – physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional. It presents a concise and structured overview of the ergonomic approach to planning, and of methodological and operational tools from ergonomic research that can more directly and concretely contribute to the design process.

The book also explores physical ergonomics and cognitive ergonomics, which are essential components of design culture. The final section addresses the main design problems and intervention criteria regarding the design of environments, products and equipment, as well as the design of communication, training and learning interface systems based on digital technologies. The book is chiefly intended for designers and anyone interested in the methods, tools and opportunities for in-depth analysis and development that ergonomics can offer regarding the conception, production and testing of products, environments and services, whether physical or virtual. It also offers a learning resource for professionals and students in Industrial Design and Planning.

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