Local directory Daz3D products

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Local directory Daz3D products
Local directory Daz3D products | 31.43 GB
Local content store directory daz3d.com, from November 2016.
Also it contains renderosity base, but so far no pictures (I'm working on it). In fresh screenshots daz3d products too can not be.

New screenshots will add individual files, ie still do not have to pump.
Able at this time:
- Scan your files and add them to the have-list.
- Filter content by categories, and any fields in any number (Required products, compatible figure, compatible software, have-list).
- Sorting by any one of these fields.
- Live-Search mode "Starts with ..." or "contains ...".
- Custom fields (such as "rating", you can add a field).
- Custom lists (eg favorites, wish-list, etc.).
- Images are archived since of over 50,000, the size of the torrent file was obtained in 30 + mb.
Requires .net framework 4.5

1. Unzip the files from the folder "screenshots" wherever either. First without "u1" in the title, and then with the "u1", and agree to overwrite.
2. Start Catalog 2016.exe, and specify the path to the screenshot in the options / configuration.
2.1. If you do not see the images to products containing the names of special characters in Unicode, select Database / Maintenance / Fix Screenshots menu (it podvisnet to 5 minutes, it is normal).

Small FAQ
Update 15/02/2017
- Added the remaining pictures. Now no pictures only 4 products of ~ 27,000 (as I shook them, these products from the store managed to remove).
- Fixed some bugs in the software.

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