Learning Blockchain: An In-Depth Understanding Of Blockchain

Learning Blockchain: An In-Depth Understanding Of Blockchain

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09ZKS5S3K | 181 pages | EPUB | 1.20 Mb

This book bridges the gap of being easy to understand yet deliver an in-depth understanding of Blockchain. The many visuals make understanding some of the more esoteric topics easy to understand. If you are interested in Crypto-currencies and want to be able to differentiate the various features, this book is a must! It won't' be long before Blockchain is in much of the technology on the web so this is a must-read! Blockchain is a revolutionary capability that puts a new spin on how applications could be built going forward. This is why it is impossible to browse the Internet, pick up a newspaper or magazine and not see a headline referencing Blockchain.

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