Multiple Choice Questions on Occupational Health and Safety

Multiple Choice Questions on Occupational Health and Safety

2022 | ISBN: 9390709679 | English | 438 pages | PDF | 12.8 MB

Multiple Choice Questions on Occupational Health and Safety is an extension of this author's publication Industrial and Occupational Health which describes occupational health and safety related topics in detail.

These days several long- and short- duration, undergraduate and postgraduate courses on occupational health and safety are available. All these courses are multidisciplinary, comprehensive and deal with medical, paramedical, safety, environment, psychology, physiology and ergonomics disciplines. These courses follow "Multiple Choice Question" methodology for both entrance and exit examinations because of their wide range of coverage. This book, divided in 10 parts, covers all the relevant subjects through 5,000 (five thousand) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers.

The book will serve as a boon for the students yearning to qualify for courses such as Associate Fellowship of Industrial Health, Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Safety (PDIS) and courses for supervisors engaged in hazardous industries. Through MCQs, it covers important subjects like occupational health, biostatistics, industrial physiology, industrial ergonomics, industrial psychology, industrial safety, industrial hygiene, staff training and productivity, and statutes of industrial health and safety.

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