Bodies and Mobile Media

Bodies and Mobile Media

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1509549617 | 224 pages | True PDF | 6.57 MB

Have you ever considered how mobile media change what we see, hear and pay attention to, or how they alter our movement through the city? Over the last decade, mobile media and communication technologies have become deeply integral to our perception and bodily experience of the world.

In Bodies and Mobile Media, Ingrid Richardson and Rowan Wilken explore mobile media as a lens through which to understand how embodiment both shapes, and is shaped by, media experience. It offers a unique approach by focusing on specific sensory affordances and body parts – including the eyes, ears, face, hands and feet – to consider the uneven ratios of sensory perception at work in our engagement with mobile devices. Each chapter provides rich and accessible narratives of mobile media practices interwoven with current scholarship in media studies and phenomenology, with a concluding chapter that reflects on mobile media use as a synesthetic experience. By interpreting theoretical insights about the relationship between the body and technology, the book serves as an important work of knowledge translation. This work is crucial, the authors argue, if we are to critically understand how our perception and experience of the world are mediated by technology.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars in media, communication and cultural studies.

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