Complications of Hysteroscopy: Diagnosis and Management

Complications of Hysteroscopy: Diagnosis and Management

English | 2023 | ISBN: 0443216169 | 360 pages | True PDF EPUB | 9.67 MB

Complications of Hysteroscopy- Diagnosis and Management is a step-by-step reference to explain various problems that can encounter during a hysteroscopy procedure. It is a complete guide about the diagnosis and management of the different causes of hysteroscopy mishaps to master how to diagnose and select the most appropriate strategy of all aspects of what could go wrong and applying that knowledge in different clinical settings. It is an essential reference for anyone in the research and medical field.

  • Includes evidence-based information summarized by worldwide recognized experts on each topic
  • Offers tips and tricks when dealing with complications such as bleeding and hemorrhaging
  • Discusses electrosurgical complications, both unipolar and bipolar energies
  • Documents and presents registry of actual cases collected from all over the world and discusses their management
  • Discusses the medicolegal aspects as well as rehabilitation of the medical professional
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