Connecting Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science, 2nd Edition

Connecting Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science, 2nd Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1009150499 | 694 pages | True PDF | 41.62 MB

Computer science majors taking a non-programming-based course like discrete mathematics might ask 'Why do I need to learn this?' Written with these students in mind, this text introduces the mathematical foundations of computer science by providing a comprehensive treatment of standard technical topics while simultaneously illustrating some of the broad-ranging applications of that material throughout the field. Chapters on core topics from discrete structures – like logic, proofs, number theory, counting, probability, graphs – are augmented with around 60 'computer science connections' pages introducing their applications: for example, game trees (logic), triangulation of scenes in computer graphics (induction), the Enigma machine (counting), algorithmic bias (relations), differential privacy (probability), and paired kidney transplants (graphs). Pedagogical features include 'Why You Might Care' sections, quick-reference chapter guides and key terms and results summaries, problem-solving and writing tips, 'Taking it Further' asides with more technical details, and around 1700 exercises, 435 worked examples, and 480 figures.

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