Digitalization: The New Normal Of the Post-Pandemic World: (Beginner's Guide to Digital Transformation)

Digitalization: The New Normal Of the Post-Pandemic World: (Beginner's Guide to Digital Transformation)
English | 2021 | ISBN-13 : 979-8737507671 | 73 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 5.8 MB

Delve Into the Digital World and Discover How Digitalization Will Shape Our Future!

The rise of the digital age is breaking the walls and barriers that once restricted society. With each passing day, some new piece of technology is taking society over in one big swoop.

Electric (self-driving) cars, advanced robotics, cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – those are just some of the concepts that were only a figment of somebody's imagination 20-30 years ago, but today they are reality.

We have to accept the fact that we already live in a futuristic world. If we wish to keep pace with the digital age, we must constantly update our knowledge of both major and minor technologies and digital tools.

That is the only way to prepare for what the future will bring – otherwise, the fast-paced progress will consume and render obsolete both us as persons and our companies...

With Digitalization: The New Normal of the Post-Pandemic World, renowned business advisor and author that writes about cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation, and cybersecurity, Nicholas P. Lorizio, gives an in-depth discourse on the utilization of digital tools, resources, and personnel in the post-pandemic world to survive and thrive in the new era.

Within these pages, you will find an overview of the post-pandemic world in which almost every industry is digitally transformed, the major problems that already are and can be hindering factors of digitalization, and the solutions to these problems.

Written in a comprehensive and understandable manner, this book is a combination of technical and non-technical explanations that will guide you through upcoming changes and serve as an upgrade of your knowledge about digital technologies.

If you want to stay relevant in the new digital age, digitalization is your only option, and this book will show you what you need to know and what you need to do to achieve that with ease. So, what are you waiting for?
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