Emerging Trends in Nanomedicine

Emerging Trends in Nanomedicine

English | 2021 | ISBN-13 : 978-9811599194 | 254 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 31.98 MB

This book illustrates the significance of nanotechnology in the delivery of anticancer and antimicrobial drugs, biomimetic technologies, tissue engineering, sensing, diagnostics, and artificial enzymes. It first briefly discusses the use of nanotechnology for the delivery of anticancer medications, and the concept and applications of catalytically active nanomaterial-based artificial enzymes for sensing and diagnostic applications. It then explores the use of silver nanoparticle-based novel antimicrobials, and comprehensively reviews the role of nanomaterials in developing biomedical implants and tissue engineering applications. Lastly, it offers a detailed description of nanotherapeutics for combating human protozoan parasitic infections. Cutting across the disciplines, this book serves as a guide for researchers and scientists in biotechnology, medical science and material science.

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