Essentials of Marketing Analytics (True PDF)

Essentials of Marketing Analytics (True PDF)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1260597741 | 481 pages | True PDF | 114.34 MB

The starting point in learning marketing analytics is to understand the marketing problem. The second is asking the right business question. The data will help you tell the story.

We live in a global, highly competitive, rapidly changing world that is increasingly influenced by digital data, expanded analytical capabilities, information technology, social media and more. The era of Big Data has literally brought about huge amounts of data to review, analyze and solve. Today’s undergraduate and graduate students will need to have a keen understanding of not only the right types of questions to ask, but also the tools available to help answer them. Essentials of Marketing Analytics covers both, in a comprehensive, readable and flexible manner.

Coverage includes the most popular analytics software tools, such as Tableau and Python, as well as a variety of analytical techniques, including but not limited to social network analysis, automated machine learning, neural networking and more. Supported by a robust student and learning package via McGraw Hill Connect, Essentials of Marketing Analytics 1e is the most comprehensive, current, adaptable product on the market!

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