Fighting Churn with Data: The science and strategy of customer retention (MEAP)

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 Fighting Churn with Data: The science and strategy of customer retention (MEAP)

English | 2020| ISBN: 9781617296529 | 484 Pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) + Code | 59.12 MB

About the Technology
Churn is the bane of any subscription business, such as content subscriptions, software as a service, and even ad-supported freemium apps. You can improve customer retention through product changes and targeted engagement campaigns based on data-driven interventions. Data scientists and business analysts employ huge datasets of user behaviour to determine why customers leave and implement processes to stop them from doing so.
About the book
Fighting Churn with Data is your guide to keeping your customers for the long haul. Chief Data Scientist at Zuora Carl S. Gold provides a clear overview of churn concepts, along with hands on tricks and tips he has developed through years of experience analyzing customer behavior. Packed with project-based examples, this book teaches you to convert raw data into measurable customer metrics, develop and test hypotheses about churn rates, and present your findings clearly to non-technical decision makers in marketing and sales. Using this book, anyone with a modest data analysis background can get churn analysis right and reap the revenue benefits of high customer retention.

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