Harmonic Innovation: Super Smart Society 5.0 and Technological Humanism

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Harmonic Innovation: Super Smart Society 5.0 and Technological Humanism

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 3030811891 | 168 pages | True PDF EPUB | 7.92 MB

This book is aimed at researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovation consultants of the 5.0 era. For many centuries, the dominant paradigm of innovation was based on competition and the protection of the achievements (closed innovation).
In the early years of the new millennium, the advent of globalization and the network has made the model evolve towards open and collaborative approaches (open innovation).
Both methods corresponded to a different view of the world and society.
Today, in a historical phase in which the world needs to become more sustainable and equitable, from the heart of the Mediterranean, the cradle of classical civilization, a group of valuable academics, scholars, and entrepreneurs propose to the world a new and further evolution of the concept of innovation and expression of the era we are living in: the harmonic innovation, an attempt to combine science and wisdom, technique and spirit, scientific research and moral research, technological progress and new humanism, new economy and social impacts, power, and limit. Anybody who aims to discover a fragment of future is welcome to read this book.

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