Introduction To Long-term Investment Analysis

Introduction To Long-term Investment Analysis

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ B09LKV9WML | 242 pages | EPUB | 4.08 MB

Multiply invested capital over the long-term with certainty, very low to almost no risk and growth exposure. Essential and comprehensive content from beginners to advanced level. Become an investment analyst and join millions of successful long-term investors and thousands of renowned financial institutions, economists, charted financial analysts and fund managers around the world who are making a living by investing over the long-term period.
Benefits of long-term investment analysis in this book include the following:

• Discover and unpack the most logical approach to long-term investing in the stock market.
• Determine the true value of a share.
• Principles that must accompany long-term investing decisions.
• Never lose on a stock. Apply very low to almost no risk techniques; loss comes from risk.
• Multiply the capital invested as you hold the stock over the long-term while continuing to earn dividends.
• Easily determine the long-term direction of the share price based on facts. Understand where the share price of a stock will be in five to ten years from now. However, often the market does us a huge favour in reaching its target way before the intended five or ten years holding period. Apply insight and certainty. Never worry about the fluctuations of the share price. ‘’Buy and sleep.’’
• A complete top-down analysis. This is rare to find in any investment book and usually comes in the form of a workshop or investment course which is worth about $5 000 per person.
• Understand how the stock market works and gain handy tips when executing an investment.

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