Learn MongoDB 4.x: A guide to understanding MongoDB development and administration for NoSQL developers

Learn MongoDB 4.x: A guide to understanding MongoDB development and administration for NoSQL developers
English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 978-1789619386 | 610 Pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) + Code | 69.75 MB

Design, administer, and deploy high-volume and fault-tolerant database applications using MongoDB 4.x
Key Features

Build a powerful and scalable MongoDB database using real industry data
Understand the process of designing NoSQL schema with the latest release of MongoDB 4.x
Explore the ins and outs of MongoDB, including queries, replication, sharding, and vital admin tasks

Book Description

When it comes to managing a high volume of unstructured and non-relational datasets, MongoDB is the defacto database management system (DBMS) for DBAs and data architects. This updated book includes the latest release and covers every feature in MongoDB 4.x, while helping you get hands-on with building a MongoDB database app.

You’ll get to grips with MongoDB 4.x concepts such as indexes, database design, data modeling, authentication, and aggregation. As you progress, you’ll cover tasks such as performing routine operations when developing a dynamic database-driven website. Using examples, you’ll learn how to work with queries and regular database operations. The book will not only guide you through design and implementation, but also help you monitor operations to achieve optimal performance and secure your MongoDB database systems. You’ll also be introduced to advanced techniques such as aggregation, map-reduce, complex queries, and generating ad hoc financial reports on the fly. Later, the book shows you how to work with multiple collections as well as embedded arrays and documents, before finally exploring key topics such as replication, sharding, and security using practical examples.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with MongoDB 4.x and be able to perform development and administrative tasks associated with this NoSQL database.
What you will learn

Understand how to configure and install MongoDB 4.x
Build a database-driven website using MongoDB as the backend
Perform basic database operations and handle complex MongoDB queries
Develop a successful MongoDB database design for large corporate customers with complex requirements
Secure MongoDB database systems by establishing role-based access control with X.509 transport-level security
Optimize reads and writes directed to a replica set or sharded cluster
Perform essential MongoDB administration tasks
Maintain database performance through monitoring

Who this book is for

This book is a MongoDB tutorial for DevOps engineers, database developers, database administrators, system administrators and those who are just getting started with NoSQL and looking to build document-oriented databases and gain real-world experience in managing databases using MongoDB. Basic knowledge of databases and Python is required to get started with this DBMS book.
Table of Contents

Introducing MongoDB 4.x
Setting Up MongoDB 4.x
Essential MongoDB Administration Techniques
Fundamentals of Database Design
Mission-Critical MongoDB Database Tasks
Using AJAX and REST to Build a Database-Driven Website
Advanced MongoDB Database Design
Using Documents with Embedded Lists and Objects
Handling Complex Queries in MongoDB
Working with Complex Documents Across Collections
Administering MongoDB Security
Developing in a Secured Environment
Deploying a Replica Set
Replica Set Runtime Management and Development
Deploying a Sharded Cluster
Sharded Cluster Management and Development

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