Mastering Vue.js: A Beginner's Guide (Mastering Computer Science)

Mastering Vue.js: A Beginner's Guide (Mastering Computer Science)

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1032315946 | 268 pages | True PDF EPUB | 15.89 MB

Mastering Vue.js helps the reader master the Vue.js JavaScript framework for faster and robust frontend development. Vue is a popular JavaScript frontend framework that is rapidly expanding. It is easy to use, small (less than 24KB), and really fast. It is simple to include in other applications and libraries. Vue.js is easy to install, and beginners may quickly learn how to use it and begin creating their interface design. What makes Vue special is that it is different from most other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, it is built from the ground up to be incrementally adaptable. The core library focuses primarly on the View layer, and is easy to use and combine with other libraries or projects. On the other hand, when merged with contemporary stacks and libraries, it is perfectly capable of powering powerful Single Page Web Applications. Working with Vue.js can be fun. Leveraging Vue and its plugins can help one easily create excellent internet and smartphone-compatible applications. Vue is both compact and customizable, and comes with multiple capabilities for intelligent state management and navigation choices. All said and done, learning Vue is an excellent career choice, especially since it is rapidly gaining favour among startups and enterprises alike. Vue is an excellent choice if you want to make a highly engaging, flexible, and data-driven app. It has an easy-to-understand layout which you can learn in minutes. Unlike Angular or React, Vue.js does not have a lot of challenges or concepts to master. It is an excellent choice for programmers looking to learn a new technology for their next project. With Mastering Vue.js, learning Vue becomes a charm, and will help readers undoubtedly advance their careers. About the Series The Mastering Computer Science covers a wide range of topics, spanning programming languages as well as modern-day technologies and frameworks. The series has a special focus on beginner-level content, and is presented in an easy to understand manner, comprising: Crystal-clear text, spanning various topics sorted by relevance, Special focus on practical exercises, with numerous code samples and programs, A guided approach to programming, with step by step tutorials for the absolute beginners, Keen emphasis on real-world utility of skills, thereby cutting the redundant and seldom-used concepts and focusing instead of industry-prevalent coding paradigm, A wide range of references and resources, to help both beginner and intermediate-level developers gain the most out of the books. Mastering Computer Science series of books start from the core concepts, and then quickly move on to industry-standard coding practices, to help learners gain efficient and crucial skills in as little time as possible. The books assume no prior knowledge of coding, so even the absolute newbie coders can benefit from this series. Mastering Computer Science series is edited by Sufyan bin Uzayr, a writer and educator with over a decade of experience in the computing field.

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