Scala Cookbook: Recipes for Object-Oriented and Functional Programming (True PDF)

Scala Cookbook: Recipes for Object-Oriented and Functional Programming (True PDF)
English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1492051543 | 802 pages | True PDF | 10.51 MB

Save time and trouble building object-oriented, functional, and concurrent applications with Scala. The latest edition of this comprehensive cookbook is packed with more than 250 ready-to-use recipes and 1,000 code examples to help you solve the most common problems when working with Scala 3 and its popular libraries.
Scala changes the way you think about programming--and that's a good thing. Whether you're working on web, big data, or distributed applications, this cookbook provides recipes based on real-world scenarios for both experienced Scala developers and programmers just learning to use this JVM language. Author Alvin Alexander includes practical solutions from his experience using Scala for component-based, highly scalable applications that support concurrency and distribution.
Recipes cover:
[*]Strings, numbers, and control structures
[*]Classes, methods, objects, traits, packaging, and imports
[*]Functional programming techniques
[*]Scala's wealth of collections classes and methods
[*]Building and publishing Scala applications with sbt
[*]Actors and concurrency with Scala Future and Akka Typed
[*]Popular libraries, including Spark, Scala.js, Play Framework, and GraalVM
[*]Types, such as variance, givens, intersections, and unions
[*]Best practices, including pattern matching, modules, and functional error handling

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