Soul Deliciously Vegan

Soul Deliciously Vegan

English | 2021 | ASIN : B0934Q35SH | 81 Pages | PDF | 42.2 MB

Numerous people have asked, what started this? Was it something that I read? Was it something that I saw or was I just trying to do something new or trendy? But the truth is what started out as a desire to be healthier ended up being so much more. This journey began when I needed to lose weight, deal with the excess swelling that I had all the time and get my A1C and cholesterol under control. I tried many different things from diet pills to fad diets and things just were not working. So, after joining the VA MOVE program I lost my assigned dietician, whom I had known for over two years. That really shifted my focus to want to be healthy and stick to it to become a better version of myself. My new dietician talked to us about exercise and making healthier choices but she also talked about her plant-based lifestyle sometimes; I must admit I was curious; and I thought, why not nothing else has worked. I started out by making small changes and it eventually led to me being completely plant-based. I have more energy; my numbers are under control and steadily declining. My goal of course is for everyone to be healthier and live long happy lives; but my hope is that you will take these recipes, enjoy them, share them with others and make them your own in the process! Now, who’s hungry?!

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made. "PS 139:14

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