The Oxford Linear Algebra for Scientists

The Oxford Linear Algebra for Scientists

English | 2022 | ISBN: 0198844913 | 433 pages | True PDF | 5.55 MB

This textbook provides a modern introduction to linear algebra, a mathematical discipline every first year undergraduate student in physics and engineering must learn. A rigorous introduction into the mathematics is combined with many examples, solved problems, and exercises as well as scientific applications of linear algebra. These include applications to contemporary topics such as internet search, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and quantum computing, as well as a number of more advanced topics, such as Jordan normal form, singular value decomposition, and tensors, which will make it a useful reference for a more experienced practitioner. Structured into 27 chapters, it is designed as a basis for a lecture course and combines a rigorous mathematical development of the subject with a range of concisely presented scientific applications. The main text contains many examples and solved problems to help the reader develop a working knowledge of the subject and every chapter comes with exercises.

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