The Pandas Workshop: A comprehensive guide to using Python for data analysis with real-world case studies

The Pandas Workshop: A comprehensive guide to using Python for data analysis with real-world case studies

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1800208936 | 744 pages | True PDF EPUB | 80.81 MB

Learn the fundamentals of data science with Python by analyzing real datasets and solving problems using pandas
Key Features

Learn how to apply data retrieval, transformation, visualization, and modeling techniques using pandas
Become highly efficient in unlocking deeper insights from your data, including databases, web data, and more
Build your experience and confidence with hands-on exercises and activities

Book Description

The Pandas Workshop will teach you how to be more productive with data and generate real business insights to inform your decision-making. You will be guided through real-world data science problems and shown how to apply key techniques in the context of realistic examples and exercises. Engaging activities will then challenge you to apply your new skills in a way that prepares you for real data science projects.

You'll see how experienced data scientists tackle a wide range of problems using data analysis with pandas. Unlike other Python books, which focus on theory and spend too long on dry, technical explanations, this workshop is designed to quickly get you to write clean code and build your understanding through hands-on practice. As you work through this Python pandas book, you'll tackle various real-world scenarios, such as using an air quality dataset to understand the pattern of nitrogen dioxide emissions in a city, as well as analyzing transportation data to improve bus transportation services.

By the end of this data analytics book, you'll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to solve your own challenging data science problems with pandas.
What you will learn

Access and load data from different sources using pandas
Work with a range of data types and structures to understand your data
Perform data transformation to prepare it for analysis
Use Matplotlib for data visualization to create a variety of plots
Create data models to find relationships and test hypotheses
Manipulate time-series data to perform date-time calculations
Optimize your code to ensure more efficient business data analysis

Who this book is for

This data analysis book is for anyone with prior experience working with the Python programming language who wants to learn the fundamentals of data analysis with pandas. Previous knowledge of pandas is not necessary.
Table of Contents

An Introduction to pandas
Working with Data Structures
Data I/O
pandas Data Types
Data Selection – DataFrames
Data Selection – Series
Data Exploration and Transformation
Data Visualization
Data Modeling – Preprocessing
Data Modeling – Modeling Basics
Data Modeling – Regression Modeling
Using Time in pandas
Exploring Time Series
Applying pandas Data Processing for Case Studies

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