Thinking Visually, 2nd Edition

Thinking Visually, 2nd Edition
English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032100257 | 215 pages | True PDF | 22.1 MB

Thinking Visually documents the many ways pictures, visual images, and spatial metaphors influence our thinking. The book discusses recent empirical, theoretical, and applied contributions that support the view that visual thinking occurs not only where we expect to find it, but also where we do not. Much of comprehending language, for instance, depends on visual simulations of words or on spatial metaphors that provide a foundation for conceptual understanding.

This edition has been fully updated throughout and features new coverage of a range of topical and fascinating areas of research, including aesthetics, visual narratives, communicating health risks, dreams, clinical imagery, mathematical games, and the influence of action on perception. It also features a new chapter on Mixed Reality to showcase the many exciting developments in this area.

The broad coverage, colorful figures, and research discoveries provide a solid foundation for understanding visual thinking across a wide spectrum of activities. It will be an essential read for all students and researchers interested in Visual Thinking.

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