This Is Your Captain Speaking: Stories from the Flight Deck

This Is Your Captain Speaking: Stories from the Flight Deck

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1770415858 | 278 pages | True PDF EPUB | 13.67 MB

From the science of weather to the theory of flight, Doug Morris chats about the A to Zs of the airline world. It takes 55 departments to get an airliner off the ground and Doug brings to light all the people involved - with some entertaining anecdotes along the way. Captain Doug Morris has been writing for his airline's inflight magazine for 23 years and has answered a gamut of questions. THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING will draw from his extensive experience and explain everything you ever wanted to know about airline travel: whether airliners have keys, why the bumps, what aircrew get up to on layovers, what's the deal with 'mile high memberships', how to become a pilot. It also provides entertaining anecdotes from air travel's unsung heroes - flight attendants. It's the A to Z of airline travel with a twist of humor. The flight deck door will always be closed, but Doug exposes the unique inner world of aviation to the public.

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