Windows 10 Shortcut Keys: The Complete List of Windows 10 Shortcuts (Shorcut Matters)

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys: The Complete List of Windows 10 Shortcuts (Shorcut Matters)
English | 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1516914876 | 53 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 5.14 MB

Start enjoying the benefits of Windows 10 today
Windows 10 is an operating system developed, released, and sold by Microsoft Corporation as part of Windows NT operating systems.
Now, there is more to know about it. This version of windows unlike older versions, has many features that will help you do more, however, installing and using windows 10 is not enough, you need to find out things that make it a “complete windows 10” in order to work effectively, efficiently, and productively. You need to apply the use of keyboard shortcuts. Apart from being productive, shortcuts help you to be free from Repetitive Syndrome Injury (R.S.I)

Here is a brief preview of what you learn from this book.
Top Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10, New keyboard shortcuts, General Keyboard shortcuts, Windows logo Keyboard shortcuts, Command Prompt Keyboard Shortcuts, Dialog Box Keyboard shortcuts, File Explorer Keyboard shortcuts, Virtual Desktops Keyboard Shortcuts, Taskbar Keyboard shortcuts, Ease of Access Keyboard shortcuts, Magnifier Keyboard shortcuts, Narrator Keyboard shortcuts, Narrator Touch Keyboard shortcuts, Settings Keyboard Shortcuts, Remote Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts, Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts, Game Bar Keyboard Shortcuts, Photos App Keyboard Shortcuts, Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts, Reader Keyboard shortcuts, Paint Keyboard Shortcuts., Windows Journal Keyboard shortcuts, and Windows 10 WordPad shortcuts.

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