Modeling Excellence: How Highly Effective People Use Imitation to Gain the Competitive Edge

Modeling Excellence: How Highly Effective People Use Imitation to Gain the Competitive Edge

English | 2021 | ASIN ‏ : ‎ B094XN8YNT | 592 pages | PDF | 7.68 MB

Get it & transform the world.
“I read your Modeling Excellence book and was impressed with the wealth of information you share. I recommend your book, Modeling Excellence, to anyone who wants to achieve peak performance.” ~ Robin Sharma, Best-Selling Author of the best-selling book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

"Talk about a refreshing idea! This Modeling Excellence book is a masterpiece revealing how video can be used to help you get virtually anything you want. Not only that but its insights into the media and how we are programmed help wake us up so we can choose the programming we prefer. I'm impressed with this amazing book . Get it and prepare to transform your world." ~ Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author

“Pierre's insights will be useful to you if you want to change the way you look at your life and work. Use these simple yet powerful concepts in the Modeling Excellence book to change the way you see your life.” ~ Noah St. John, author of Permission To Succeed: Unlocking The Mystery of Success Anorexia

“Modeling Excellence is the most comprehensive self-development book I have ever read. I personally gave a try to the video self-modeling technique taught in the series and was amazed at the positive results. The concepts taught by Pierre are psychologically very valid. Once you have read the complete series you will know how to use the TV, VCR etc. to enhance the quality of your life. The Power of Words chapter is remarkably profound. There are many nuggets of wisdom and insights, which I keep discovering every time I re-read the series. I really appreciate and admire Pierre Provost for writing such a valuable series." ~ Dr.C. Kumarbabu, Psychiatrist, M.D. Ph.D., Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the teaching medical college hospital in South India.

“What a fascinating concept! It seems so obvious to parallel television with a self-development theme, yet this is the first time I have read of it. You have some very powerful introductions that lead me into your Modeling Excellence book and kept my interest when I only intended to skim read it. As a writer and conceptualist, you have one great product there.” ~ Ken Silver, the "How-To" Guru!”

"You've read the self-help masters. Now, here is everything you need to know about building the life you want and following your dreams. Pierre Provost generously gives us a comprehensive Modeling Excellence book. "Modeling Excellence" has it all! This book is a must for any personal development library." ~ Steve Goodier, creator of "Life Support System" with more than 150,000 ezine subscribers and best-selling author of Lessons of the Turtle.

“Pierre's "Modeling Excellence" is a secret weapon that destroys self-doubt, procrastination, lack of motivation and more.” ~ Jan Noyes, Professional trainer, and presenter

“I was very impressed with the extraordinary amount of work you put into this. It really is an amazing synthesis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other strategies. There is a lot of good stuff that you addressed. Congratulations on such a fine effort.” ~ Jeannette Vos, Ph.D., co-author of The Learning Revolution sold more than 10 million copies worldwide

“While waiting for your replies, I took the liberty of reading your Modeling Excellence book. WOW! I was very impressed with what you've done. It's an inspired idea to link success psychology with the “instant results” of the TV/Video/PC age. Now, if somebody wants to program themselves to success, they can just load up a disk or watch a videotape (whether real or in their mind).....brilliant. I have no doubt you will enjoy your own success with this book. I would recommend it to anyone.” ~ Nick Smith, Computer specialist

“Very nice book. You've done a very thorough job. I especially like the fact that you're giving people tools they can use to take charge of their lives, rather than just a lot of theory.” ~ Jim Donovan, author, “This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal”

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