TTC - How to Raise Lifelong Learners

TTC - How to Raise Lifelong Learners
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We all want our kids to love to learn. But learning is a fluid, ever-changing, and very subjective process. Effective learning methods change from person to person, and then again as individuals grow. Even beyond those challenges, there are neurological or developmental obstacles that can hinder the learning process and frustrate children into giving up. Not to mention getting your child to embrace learning means competing with television, movies, phones, and social media.

So how can you overcome these many obstacles to create a culture of curiosity for your children? How can you ensure that your children have the tools to ask important questions, solve complex problems, and think for themselves? And how can you preserve your child’s love of learning so that it persists into adulthood?

Look no further than How to Raise Lifelong Learners. In just nine comprehensive lessons, discover how you can become a better, more inspiring teacher for your kids. Kick off the course by discovering a range of educational philosophies and schooling methods. Compare them all—homeschool to traditional school to the classical method to “unschooling”—to see which option best fits your situation and goals. Along the way, you will acquire the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to raise intellectually curious and engaged lifelong learners, regardless of whether you intend to teach at home or send them to school. You will also gain insight into how you can teach the three major learning tools effectively, encourage scientific exploration and artistic development, communicate with teens, approach and motivate struggling students, design your home to accommodate the needs and desires of your growing learners, and much more.


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