TTC - Learning Java Programming


TTC - Learning Java Programming

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What do some of your favorite computer games, e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and streaming services have in common (aside from just how hard it is to live without them)? Many of them are built in Java: one of the world’s most popular programming languages.

Every computer program is, at its core, a set of explicitly written instructions in a language the computer understands. Every specific task a computer program undertakes is built on that programming language’s syntax. Just as you need to understand syntax to communicate well in a spoken or written language, you need to understand programming syntax in order to create the computer applications we take for granted.

Java is a powerful and pervasive language for telling computer programs what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. And Java is involved in so much more than just keeping us entertained. The computer language plays a critical role in numerous industries and development frameworks requiring data analysis, including:

Artificial intelligence;
Self-driving vehicles;
Back-end servers; and
Smart-house devices (like computerized thermostats).


TTC - Learning Java Programming

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