TTC - The Scientific Guide to Health and Happiness

TTC - The Scientific Guide to Health and Happiness
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There is one thing that every person wants and it’s something we spend our entire lives searching for: happiness. Throughout human history, there have been as many ideas about happiness as the humans who seek it. We ask ourselves questions such as:

Can money buy happiness?
Will finding love bring happiness?
Will the perfect job result in happiness?

The one common thread that runs through the ideas and theories we concoct to answer these questions is the fact that very few of them are based on science. But what scientists are now learning is that happiness is intertwined with your health. As Mahatma Gandhi stated, "It is health that is real wealth."

Enter Dr. Robin Miller, an internist and integrative medicine specialist, a published author, and a popular TV and radio host. In the 24 information-packed lessons of The Scientific Guide for Health and Happiness, Dr. Miller reveals the essential secrets to a healthy mind and body.

These insights are backed by the latest research and scientific studies about health and happiness and cases from Dr. Miller's practice over the decades. Armed with this information, you will be equipped with the keys to happiness and well-being.

Happiness and Health Defined

We all know what happiness feels like, but we can't always put those feelings into words. At the most basic level, happiness is a general state of well-being and satisfaction. On a physical level, there is a more immediate aspect to feeling happy. When you experience joyful feelings, your nervous system is triggered to react by releasing powerful neurochemicals that have the power to regulate your mood at any given moment.


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