TTC - Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World


TTC - Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

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Distilled to its essence, the ancient Greco-Roman philosophy known as Stoicism is a philosophy of personal betterment. It aims to help us navigate the challenges of our everyday existence and reflect on the broader meaning and direction of our lives. Unlike standard ethics, which focuses on answering questions about actions (“Is human cloning right or wrong?”), virtue ethics focus on our character (“How can I become a better person?”). Examining virtue ethics makes any exploration of Stoicism not just illuminating—but also incredibly personal, and possibly life-changing.

The Stoic life is defined by three fundamentals:

We do not control as much as we think we do about the world and our lives.
We can recover from calamity and disaster by focusing on what is in our power.
We should live by the light of reason and community, rather than by wealth and fame.

And if you think this school of philosophy is relegated to ancient figures like Zeno, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca, think again. We see Stoic ideals reflected in real-life heroes like Nelson Mandela and fictional ones like Spider-Man, as well as in the life of Massimo Pigliucci, the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York, who knows first-hand just how transformative a Stoic approach to life can be.

Professor Pigliucci has designed Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World as an enlightening introduction to the basics of Stoic philosophy, the history of Stoicism, and ways to incorporate its lessons in your own life. Over the course of 25 lessons, you’ll review the lasting influence of Stoic ideas through time, from Christianity to modern philosophy. You’ll explore the three parts of the classic Stoic curriculum and consider what it means to be a Stoic in the 21st century. Best of all, you’ll get to participate in workshops and exercises that make up a how-to manual for the modern Stoic. Yes, you’ll come away with an incredible wealth of knowledge about the history and principles of one of the most enduring philosophies of life—but you may also find your way to a more meaningful life for yourself.


TTC - Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

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