TTC - World War II: Up Close and Personal

TTC - World War II: Up Close and Personal
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World War II was one of the defining moments in modern history, a global conflagration that transformed the world through battles, shifting alliances, and horrors unlike anything in recorded history. The story of the war is often told as a series of great campaigns by famous generals, dramatic turning points, and cataclysmic combat. But what about the millions of ordinary people—the citizens and soldiers whose names most of us don’t know but whose impact rippled through every aspect of the war?

Step into the shoes of these remarkable men and women in World War II: Up Close and Personal. Your lecturer is Dr. Keith Huxen, a historian and project director at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation. In 24 engrossing lessons, Keith takes you into the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things—bringing history to life through the flesh and blood of battles, the diplomatic skirmishes, or beleaguered civilians eking out their next meal while avoiding the dangers all around them.

From the Nazi’s propaganda machine to recruit German youth and the shocking Japanese invasion of China to the bloody Battle of the Bulge and the dropping of the atomic bombs, Keith traces the course of the war to give you a sense of its global scope but on a personal scale. While he touches on the big history, the alliances and strategies and dynamic weapons of war, history is the story of people. Each lesson zooms in through the eyes of soldiers, sailors, pilots, war correspondents, and citizens struggling to survive a war-torn world.

Whether you are looking to the icy front lines of Soviet Russia, the bombing campaigns against Britain, or the American submarines lurking beneath the choppy waters of the Pacific, everyday heroes you will meet include:

Women searching for bread for their families during the 900-day siege of Leningrad;
Warsaw Jews who were rounded up into a crowded ghetto before being shipped off to Treblinka or Auschwitz;
British pilots who flew as the last desperate defenders against a German invasion;
American infantrymen living in the lap of luxury before the swift fall of the Philippines;
Members of the French Resistance conducting quiet efforts of sabotage against the Nazi occupation;
Witnesses to the Rape of Nanjing;
A Panzer tank commander driving through the blitzkrieg;
Black pilots in the segregated American army; and many more.

You will also get to know the men, women, and children who were at places instantly recognizable today: Stalingrad, Hiroshima, and London. With its focus on the “felt life” of the war, World War II: Up Close and Personal is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in the story of our modern world.

Step into Battle from Sea to Sky

While World War I—the “Great War”—introduced the world to modern warfare of tanks, planes, and machine guns, the Second World War demonstrated the true power and terror of these technological innovations. Following the course of soldiers, sailors, and pilots, take a front-row seat to see new weapons of war in action, including:

German Panzer Tanks: See how these beasts of land helped Germany rip across Poland and France in blitzkriegs. Keith takes you inside the strategic discussions of this new type of warfare, when the previous generation of military leaders was still committed to traditional “positional warfare.”
British Spitfires: The Royal Air Force was one of the most iconic service groups from the war. Slide into the cockpit to witness astounding feats of flight, as well as the explosive dangers of battling in the sky.
American Submarines: Plumb the depths of the oceans with an elite group of American sailors who operated a secret war in the close quarters of submarines. Imagine life operating in the dark for months on end.
The Nuclear Age: The war may have started as a conflagration of nations in battle, but it ended with the fiery apotheosis of the Manhattan Project. Trace the development of this new weapon, which set the strategic stage for the world ever since.

TTC - World War II: Up Close and Personal

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