Electronic Circuit Simulator LTspice XVII "Creating Symbols"

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Electronic Circuit Simulator LTspice XVII "Creating Symbols"

English | November 22, 2018 | ASIN: B07KT4C165 | 84 pages | PDF | 9.60 MB

Electronic Circuit Simulator LTspice XVII "Creating Symbols" by shoken

The free LTspiceXVII provided by Analog Devices offers many parts. However, in Japan there are no commonly used parts, so even if you create a circuit diagram, you will not get accurate results.
Each semiconductor maker provides a free SPICE model for symbol creation, so even beginners can create their own symbols.
Basically, it is rare to create new symbols from scratch.
You can automatically create symbols from SPICE models provided by semiconductor manufacturers.
It is necessary to slightly change the pin arrangement according to the wiring of the schematic, but the detailed procedure will be explained here.
If you want to simulate using LTspiceXVII from now on, you could refer to this book.
This manual is No.3 "Symbol creation version" of the TOOL series for electronic circuit design using the latest version 17.
(No.1 "Basic operation / Circuit creation", No.2 "Simulation" has already been published, please refer)

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