Ergonomics : Challenges, Applications and New Perspectives

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Ergonomics : Challenges, Applications and New Perspectives

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1536102482 | 187 Pages | PDF | 3.86 MB

Ergonomics : Challenges, Applications and New Perspectives
by Angelina C. Sparks

Ergonomics and the design of ergonomic workplaces are reaching the attention of many industries and companies. This book discusses the challenges, applications and provides new perspectives on ergonomics. Chapter One provides a framework for positioning design methods and tools in prospective ergonomics. Chapter Two highlights the advantages of the use of analog visual displays that are designed based on the application of ergonomics standards and recommendations, in relation to the design solutions of this type of displays which are not designed according to the ergonomics standards and recommendations (and which are currently used in practice). Chapter Three presents a brief review on recent innovative engineering controls for the ergonomics of manual workers in several industries. Chapter Four focuses on the critical role of cognitive ergonomics in assisting users of complex systems to make effective and efficient decisions through the use of automation. Chapter Five discusses a new perspective and case study that focuses on the unified experience design of a suite of software applications in the enterprise supply chain domain.

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