Pragmatics in Korean and Japanese Translation

Pragmatics in Korean and Japanese Translation

English | ISBN: 1032108673, 1032108681 | 2022 | 170 pages | PDF | 41.6 MB

This book explores how the greater amount of pragmatic information encoded in Korean and Japanese can result in pragmatic (in)visibility when translating between those languages and English. Pragmatic information must be added when translating from English to Korean or Japanese and is easily lost when translating in the other direction.

This book offers an analysis of translations in Japanese and Korean of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and The Hobbit, or There and Back Again to show how the translated versions crystallise the translators’ interpretations of relationships in the way characters address one another. This book discusses fan translations of Korean and Japanese to English of various popular media, observing that the emotional meanings easily lost when translating in this direction are often deemed important enough to warrant the insertion of additional explanatory material. The book additionally discusses the role of fan translation in the construction of international online communities and a heightened communal commentary on translation. Western translation commentary has historically lacked sufficient emphasis on translation to and from East Asian languages, and these case studies help to address a problem of central importance to translation to and from languages that encode interpersonal dynamics in dramatically different ways to English.

This book will be of interest to students and researchers in translation studies, particularly in Korean and Japanese translation. The book will also appeal to students and researchers of the Korean and Japanese languages.

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