The Global Private Health & Fitness Business : A Marketing Perspective (PDF)

The Global Private Health & Fitness Business : A Marketing Perspective (PDF)
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1800438516 | 216 Pages | PDF | 3.41 MB

For decades, sports management has not been considered a priority area of interest within sport, and there is a lack of professionalization within the multiple approaches and key performance areas in sports management. However, in recent years, the importance and impact of the sports economy in the percentage of GDP has coincided with an increase in the volume of literature dedicated to the study of sports management, and specifically around fitness centers, the commercialization of their services and the loyalty chain of the users of this business model.

The Global Private Health & Fitness Business shows the globalization of the health and fitness industry, and its different forms of management according to different countries, the objective being to show the various business models in the fitness industry in twenty countries around the world and explore their methods of marketing. The content will provide insight into the current situation and what challenges it faces in the future. In addition to these contexts, each chapter ends with the description of the main chains in each country and information on the complexity in the commercialization and loyalty of their services.

This book provides a great opportunity to further analyze sports management in different countries, with contributions from leading academics and professionals who share the current situation as well as the challenges of the coming years, providing an excellent resource for all practitioners working in sports management, researchers and students with future projection towards this area.

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