ESET SysRescue Live v1.0.9.0 (DC Feb. 17, 2017)


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ESET SysRescue Live v1.0.9.0
ESET SysRescue Live v1.0.9.0 (DC Feb. 17, 2017) | 8.9/324.9 MiB
AntiVirus emergency/rescue CD/USB live system.

A malware cleaning tool that runs independent of the operating system from a CD, DVD, or a USB. It has direct access to the disk and the file system, and therefore is capable of removing persistent threats.

1. Download the LiveUSBCreator and the ISO image, and then run the LiveUSBCreator file.
2. Run ESET SysRescue Live. Choose either “Create USB drive” or “Create CD/DVD” and select the desired media.
3. Create your ESET SysRescue Live USB/CD.
4. Insert your ESET SysRescue Live CD/USB and reboot.
5. Select “Run ESET SysRescue”.
6. Once the program starts, click “Update” to download the latest signatures.
7. Click “On-demand scan” and select “Smart scan” or “Custom scan”.

Changes in v1.0.9.0: some minor improvements.

Language: English

User guide

Direct Download Link, Live CD/USB Creator
Direct Download Link, ISO image

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