FreedomGPT v2.5.1

FreedomGPT v2.5.1

File Size: 246.44 MiB | Language: English

FreedomGPT is an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot that will answer all your questions.
FreedomGPT is the uncensored competitor of ChatGPT.

FreedomGPT is completely uncensored. This means that you can ask it any question, no matter how sensitive or controversial.

FreedomGPT is your launchpad for AI (artificial intelligence). No technical knowledge should be required to use the latest AI models in both a private and secure manner. Unlike ChatGPT, the Liberty model included in FreedomGPT will answer any question without censorship, judgement, or risk of being reported.

Windows 10/11 is highly recommended.
It is suggested that you have 16 GB of RAM, but no less than 8 GB is required.
Use a SSD to power the software. The program probably won’t even load on a regular HDD.

Release Notes

Changes inv2.5.1: some improvements.


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