VoodooShield v5.0 Free

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VoodooShield v5.0 Free

File size: 30 MiB | Language: English

Stop all viruses with VoodooShield.
Your antivirus is a filter only, VoodooShield is a computer lock.

How VoodooShield works:

OFF Mode (Unlocked): Your computer is unlocked, and VoodooShield is learning which programs to allow so it will not block them once VoodooShield locks your computer. You can also change to this mode if you need to install or allow additional software. Your computer is NOT protected in this mode.

ON Mode (Locked): Your computer is locked and you are protected. When VoodooShield automatically toggles to ON Mode, it takes a snapshot of the currently running software, and automatically allows everything in this snapshot. VoodooShield also automatically allows currently installed software and specific critical Windows system files. Any software that was not allowed when VoodooShield was OFF is blocked.

Release Notes

Changes in v5.0: some minor improvements.


Link is not dead, for download just click on the "Direct Download Link" text.

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