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IBM Copy Services Manager

IBM Copy Services Manager

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IBM Copy Services Manager controls Copy Services in storage environments. Copy Services are features that are used by storage systems, such as IBM Spectrum Virtualize system, to configure, manage, and monitor data-copy functions. If you do not have an existing IBM Copy Services Manager license, purchase the IBM® Copy Manager for IBM Spectrum® Virtualize license, which includes IBM Copy Services Manager version 6. This license option is available through iERP/AAS, Passport Advantage®, or your IBM Sales team.

Safeguarded snapshot with IBM Copy Services Manager
Safeguarded snapshots with IBM Copy Services Manager simplifies the overall configuration and management of snapshots. IBM Copy Services Manager controls both scheduling and creating Safeguarded snapshots which eliminates configuration steps on the IBM Spectrum Virtualize system. If using the previous version of Safeguarded Copy function that uses a Safeguarded backup policy to manage Safeguarded backups, you must remove the Safeguarded backup policy from the system to use Safeguarded snapshots. For complete migration steps, see Migrating to Safeguarded snapshots.

To configure Safeguarded snapshots with IBM Copy Services Manager, you only need to create an administrator user and assign volumes to a volume group. You can also use the create clone or thin-clone feature to create copies an existing Safeguarded snapshot to determine whether the source volumes were compromised. When a clone or thin-clone is created you can examine the data and determine if the data is usable. You can also map the cloned volume group to host applications in IBM Copy Services Manager. With the thin-clone and clone feature you can test and recover data on a volume group basis.

Safeguarded snapshot does not support automatic restore-in-place. However, you can create the clone or thin-clone of Safeguarded snapshot to recover data for analysis and testing.

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