The Utility Factory FileBoss 3.101


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The Utility Factory FileBoss 3.101

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FileBoss is the robust and powerful - yet easy to use - file manager that tames today's large and complex Windows' file systems. With a large set of tools to help keep files and folders in order, FileBoss is a must have for anyone who works directly with files - from avid Windows users to corporate system administrators. FileBoss has the most complete file management toolset on the market today to solve most any problem you may have with your files and folders.

What do you need to do today?
Copy & Move Files
* Copy with total control
* Backup if newer
* Copy files with directory structure
* Flatten folders (copy files to one folder)
* Update files
* Make Duplicate files
* Make Duplicate folders
* Make multiple copies
* Join files together
* Copy tree structures
* Copy files with pauses
* Copy to multiple folders
* Copy from CDs/DVDs

* Overview
* Add folder parent names
* Add file times
* Add text
* Change case
* Change extensions
* Change or delete spaces
* Convert to DOS 8.3 names
* Add sequence numbers
* Search and replace
* Rename one by one
* Advanced renaming

Find Files & Folders
* Overview
* By names & patterns
* Recently Modified Files
* Old Files
* Files containing specific text
* By Size
* By attributes
* By NTFS attributes
* Advanced

Whats New
-Optimizations for Windows 10
-Speed improvements
-Working with iOS/nix filenames
-Multiple replacements when renaming files and many more improvements and fixes..


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